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DuctLab Australia

We specialize in supplying low profile duct for limited ceiling space. We know how is like when installing the traditional low profile duct with fittings, and in 2018 we launched our very first Self-Seal fittings and Easy-Clip range. Our fittings is perfectly suited for bathroom, laundry, range-hood and any other limited space ventilations, and which may save over 80% of installation time. We are now stocking 3 different length of duct which are 204*60, 220*90 and 350*75.

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We can do quotes from drawings

Our product overviews

Here’s what we can offer, and our order process

We often help our clients to win the tender jobs, and if you found measure the duct out from the drawings/plans is often taken too much time, simply leave it to us as we do quotes from original drawings/plans. Simply email us on sales@ductlab.com.au.

Our regular wholesale price is standard to our clients, however, we also often quotes by QTY, project or custom made to order bases, if your project requires speciality orders please let us know on sales@ductlab.com.au

We understand today’s business, price is always one of the main factor in the market, while maintain the quality we also try to be competitive, here we can guarantee to beat any genuine quotes by at least 5% – 10%.

PVC ducts is light weight but bulky, we carefully packed our ducting with wrapping and paper carton to protect fittings from squash. We welcome for any other better suggestions. sales@ductlab.com.au

We offer 1:1 replacement

Why Us?


DuctLab Australia works closely with our plastic manufacturer in overseas, with the best support, we can do design from diecast into 3D prototype, and into production. We also work closely with Lab Test Company who can provide formula for different industry standard needs.

Being one of the main suppliers in Australia, we currently supplies 3 different size of low profile channel duct, with 23+ different angle standard fittings. In 2018, we launched Self-Seal/Easy-Clip range which works perfectly with our low profile duct.Our low profile channel duct has been designed and moulded from recycled uPVC keeping AS/NZ1530.3-1999 building standard into consideration.

Widest Range Product

We current suppling 3 different sizes of channel duct with standard and Self-seal fittings.

We can customize

We can customize the length colours or your own specify plastic materials.

We are Competitive

We can guarantee to beat any genuine quotes by 5%-10% minimum.

Excellent Services

We offer 1:1 replacement warranty


Where is Ductlab Australia based?

DuctLab Australia is coming in Auburn NSW in July.

Where is the product made from?

Our product is mainly made by ISO9001 certified factory in Asia, depending the needs, we can ship direct from our factory to your warehouse.

Is the product comply with standard?

Yes, our channel duct is comply with AS/NZ 1530.3-1999, and we are currently working on AS/NZ1530.2 and ISO9705 as well.

How to be reseller/distributor?

Simply let us know by email to sales@ductlab.com.au.
we can offer, custom branding, dropship orders.

What sizes do we offer?

we currently supply 3 sizes, 204*60, 220*90, and 350*75, the standard length is 2m, however we can customize the length and colour by request

Any minimum orders?

Absolutely no MOQ, please any qty as you required.

Can we custom specify orders?

Yes, we work closely with the manufacturer direct, anything in plastics, we can deliver.

Do you have any Questions ?

AU/NZ Distributor/Reseller

Head office: Sydney, Auburn NSW
Contact: 0411 66 88 75

Melbourne: Western Suburb coming Aug.
Brisbane: contact us to be our distributor
Perth: contact us to be our distributor
Tasmania: contact us to be our distributor

New Zealand: contact us to be our distributor

Interested in be our Distributor/Reseller, simply drop us an email