Mixflow Inline Fans

There can be several air moving problems with your duct or ventilation systems. We provide the best in Mixlow Inline Fans to solve several air moving problems. The fans are designed for both residential and commercial applications. These powerful, compact, and quiet fans come with a durable and strong UV resistant plastic housing and speed motor. 

The fans are available in different diameters to meet the unique requirements of different applications. These fans are designed to move airflow through complex or long duct runs and are the best solutions for places that are hard to cool or heat. These fans can be used as part of the cooling system for indoor grow lights and as an exhaust system that minimizes growth and development of mould and helps remove scale. These fans are combined with filters to remove harmful particulates and to clean the air. 

The common uses of Mixflow Inline Fans in residential projects include bathroom exhaust, whole house ventilation, duct boosting, general kitchen exhaust, laundry room exhaust, HRV/ ERV boosting, and more. 

In commercial projects, these fans are used in conference room exhaust, computer rooms, humidity, and moisture level, powered make-up air, equipment and spot cooling, hair, and nail salons, and more. 

We make use of high-quality materials and advanced mechanism to provide the market best Inline fans at economical rates. We provide different models of Inline Fans with varied airflow performances. 

Check our complete line of Mixflow Inline Fans to select the right fan that better suit your application.