Popular Questions

We supplier 5 sizes of low-profile duct, 204*60mm | 220*90mm | 300*60mm |320*75mm | 350*75mm | ** all without middle supporter bar ** Details: www.ductlab.com.au/product/pvcduct

Our product include 5 sizes of PVC Low profile duct with 12 fittings design , 4 Colour Wall-Capping, EC Inline Fans, EC Headerbox Fans, as well as other accessories.

Yes, we can definitely match or even beat any genuine written quotes within Australia, because we own the design and ownership of the mould.

NO, we don’t set of minimum orders.

Currently situated in Williamstown, Melbourne and Padstow, Sydney.

Yes, we can ship directly from factory to your destinated location anywhere in the world.

We accept, Bank Deposit, Visa/Master, Cheque.

Simply drop us an email (ductlabaustralia@gmail.com) or call us on 03 9319 7282